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MDPA-65 - M-System MDPA-65 Lightning Surge Protector with Life Monitor Simple Type:...

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M-System MDPA-65 Lightning Surge Protector with Life Monitor Simple Type: Surge Protector

The Lightning Surge Protector MDPA-65 monitor not only the number of suppressed surges across the signal lines but also the leakage current from signal to ground which gives you more precise warning than most typical surge protectors which monitor only the number of suppressed surges. When a predetermined level of either the leakage current or number of suppressed surges is exceeded, respective indicators illuminate with a prompt of the ‘Test’ button.

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  • Absorbs surges only without affecting instrumentation signal
  • Designed specifically for 4-20 mA DC and pulse signal line including both 4-wire and 2-wire transmitters
  • Life monitor function helps you to decide when you should replace the surge protector; reduces maintenance and prevents downtime
  • No interruption of signal by unplugging surge protector element
  • Pressing CHK (Check) button confirms the degradation and life span of the surge protection circuits with LEDs




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